New clients under covid-19:

During COVID-19 until further notice, we are unfortunately unable to take new clients and that if they have a referral we can add them to the waiting list for 2021.

Note to Clients About COVID-19 Protocol

If you or anyone you are close to are Sick, PLEASE reschedule/cancel your appointment! Help us continue to stay open AND Healthy during this tenuous time by following our new protocol.

Our new protocol for the pandemic is curbside side drop off and pick up. Please pull INTO the driveway (there is NO parking on the opposite side of the road) and text us upon arrival. We do have a camera also if you are unable to text, please do NOT bang on the garage door or side of our house. Please stay in your car (unless your dog needs help out). Under no Circumstances is anyone allowed into the shop, for physical distancing and sanitation safety.

We will come to your car with masks and a slip lead from our shop that have been sanitized. You MUST keep your leashes, collars, harness etc with you. We will let you know when you dog is finished (normal 2-4 hour estimate, per dog) and we will follow the same measures for pick up. Please note that if your appointment is 12 p.m. or after we ask that you be available to pick up your pet right away.

We are taking this pandemic very seriously and we are trying to help protect everyone, including ourselves, and get our furry companions taken care of. We are always taking extra measures to make sure our shop exceeds sanitation goals. We will be wearing masks/face covers the entire time during grooming. Details on our shop sanitation and routine below.

It is IMPERATIVE that you are on time, not late. Part of our sanitation procedure is to put dogs directly into the tub. If you are late we will not have proper time to complete bathing before the next appointment is scheduled to arrive (therefore needing to turn you away) and we will have to charge you full cost of the grooming.

Dogs that are early may have to wait for us to come out for drop off, until we have the previous dog out of the tub and that tub has been cleaned. Due to not being able to have our employee working with us we are having to reschedule and rearrange the entire rest of the years appointments as well as trying to fit in current clients who opted out of a year long schedule for 2020. We are doing our best to make 3 peoples worth of clients into a 2 person job. We thank you for your flexibility with us as we arrange the schedules.

PLEASE give us proper 24 hour notice as per our terms and conditions if you need to cancel or reschedule. It is more important than ever since we are unable to take new clients. We sincerely thank you for understanding and respecting our time.

We unfortunately will not be sending pets home with bandanas or bows until further notice.

Thank you for understanding and patience with us.

Pandemic Protocol Deciding Factors for Safe Operation

  • Close the shop for 14-21 days and cleaned every inch of the shop
  • Make sure that staff knows the importance of getting what they need and staying home as much as possible during this 14-21 days.
  • Reschedule any dogs needed for the first 14-21 days after planned reopening.
  • Evaluate the shop for ability to physically distance with employees not in the same household. Is this possible? If not discuss with employees the next steps.
  • Decide on how best to operate your shop with previously outlined guidelines.

Our Conclusion for COVID-19

Due to the size of our shop and being located in our home, we felt that we are unable to have our employee working with us and be able to maintain proper physical distancing guidelines as well as provide her a proper working environment. Therefore we are also unable to accept new clients and have started a waiting list for 2021 for people with referrals from current clients only.

Our first measure to also meet proper social distancing with clients is to do curbside/driveway drop off and pick up.

Under no circumstance is anyone outside of my household allowed in the shop. Any and all people from our household that come into the shop and are within 6 feet of a pet must wear a mask.

We now put all dogs directly into the tub before any other services are provided.

Tubs are now cleaned with a chlorahexadine solution after each dog rather than the regular cleaning done before.

If families have more than one dog and they cannot fit into the two tubs, we have a waiting area for the dog to stay (our front foyer area) that is cleaned after each dirty dog has waited to be washed. We have changed to Oxivir for our mopping of floors after dirty dogs have been waiting in foyer as well as for our normal mopping routine.

We are not accepting multiple families to drop off at the same time.

Leashes used for dirty dogs are to go directly into the laundry.

Extra cleaning station has been set up in the shop.

Hand sanitizer in the spray form bought from Heritage Distillery is in bottles at each grooming station and is being used on the loops and arms in between each dog. As well as the groomer is to be spraying their hands in between touching anything other than grooming equipment and the dog. After grooming services are completed, as always the dog goes into their clean kennel with a clean blanket.

Tables, as always, are cleaned between each dog.

We have always had a UV sanitizer and are using it more than ever now. Tablet is UV sanitized for card payment. Cash and Checks are also going into the UV sanitizer.